"Home" at 380 co, Collingwood, VIC 3066, July 2022
“In solitude, I found my home”
Ever since childhood, I have been moving from one place to another and was never able to have a single specific place that I could call home. This made me think about the true meaning of home and how it feels to come back to it. How did I feel each time when I wanted to be back to a place from a tiring day at work? Or, after walking around with that fake mask of what they call a true ‘social being’ simply to fit into the various ways of the society? 
This innate craving to belong somewhere has made us underestimate the moments where all we had was ourselves in our own solitude.  I understood in time that everything else changes and will change for good or bad. What never changes is the alone time with our own being where we can freely think and express without being judged or criticised. It’s that one place where I can express all my emotions without thinking twice. Solitude has given me something to fall back on days when I just want to be left alone. In solitude, I found that peace which I have been looking for. In solitude, I found my home. 


MELBOURNE FASHION WEEK 2021 (The Fashion Capsule 7)
"Made by many" at the Campbell's Arcade, Melbourne VIC 3000, August 2021.
"The individual is a great accumulation of all that is around them, present, past and even into the future. We could say, we are made by many. Celebrating the collective that is behind us all, we ask a selection of Melbourne’s fashion designers, makers and artists, who is it that is behind them. Who inspires them, supports them and propels them to make wonderful ideas into reality"
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