Forever curious about what lies beyond the predefined boundaries of fashion and clothing, I often find myself playing with textiles and textures as if they were very much alive like the cells in our body.
I was born in India and now based in Melbourne. I was educated at the national institute of fashion technology, Bombay. Briefly after my undergraduate degree, I have worked as a fashion designer for 3 years with converse amongst other brands, where I gained industry experience and knowledge about brands, textiles, and manufacturing processes. During this journey, I realised the potential to use textiles to create something meaningful which could benefit the community. This inspired me to further find my answers as I enrolled in royal Melbourne institute of technology, Australia pursuing master of fashion (design).
I like to do collaborative projects with different communities to explore various art practices. I am particularly interested in textiles and textile making techniques to create objects and forms that could trigger the sensory modalities. 
In my free time, I like to paint and create weird objects.

Thank you!
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